Nuncrackers-The Nunsense Christmas Musical

Willy Wonka

Annie Warbucks


Nunsense-The Mega-Musical Version

Sisters of the Featured Choir

Carmen Riebel, Brayden Kendziora, Katie Anderson

Brothers & Sisters in Song

Sue Craig, Kathleen Daley, Jerald Hurst, Debra Jones, Liz Kelley, Kelsey Leaf,
Jan Lehrer, Hailey Makuski, Janet Pagel, Zach Sorenson

Mt. St. Helen’s Band

John Kelley-Conductor
Keyboards: Wanda Eikenbary, Kathy Alan & Kari Schwartz
Clarinet & Sax: Davin Schwartz / Flute: Ann Stevens
Violin: Sarah Mueller / Trumpet: Paul Christensen & David Greenfield
Trombone: Martin O’Donnell / Percussion: Eric Hendrickson

Into The Woods


John Kelley-Conductor
Keyboards: Wanda Eikenbary, Marisa Landsverk & Kari Schwartz
Violin: Sierra Cutter & Sarah Mueller / Cello: Stephen Wucherer
Viola: William Weinmann & Gloria Popke / Flute: Ann Stevens
Clarinet: Davin Schwartz / Bassoon: Jolynn Wucherer
Percussion: Adam Rappel / Trumpet: Paul Christensen
French Horns: David Greenfield & Karen Sorenson

The Music Man

The Music Man Orchestra

John Kelley-Conductor
Keyboards: Wanda Eikenbary & Marisa Landsverk
Violin: Emma Sands, Flute: Ann Stevens
Reeds: Dee Haven, Kari Conradt-Schwartz, Davin Schwartz, Greg Biba
Trumpets: Paul Christensen, Kiersten Leaf, David Greenfield, Trombone: Martin O’Donnell
Percussion: Todd Truesdale, Brianna Trainor

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Band

Holly Saunders-Conductor
Keyboards: Wanda Eikenbary & Holly Saunders
Flute: Ann Stevens / Clarinet & Alto Sax: Davin Schwartz
Oboe & English Horn: Kari Conradt-Schwartz / Cello: Stephen Wucherer
Percussion: Todd Truesdale

The Wizard of Oz

Oz Orchestra

John Kelley- Conductor
Flute- Ann Stevens, Oboe/English Horn- Kari Conradt-Schwartz
Woodwinds- Davin Schwartz, Joann Kekula, Greg Biba
Horn- David Greenfield, Karen Sorenson, Trumpet- Paul Christensen, Andrea Laverenz
Trombone- Martin O’Donnell, Bass- David Poffinbarger, Percussion-Todd Truesdale, Blaine Gibson
Keyboards- Wanda Eikenbary, Marisa Landsverk, Greg Harvey, Mark Kryshak

Sweeney Todd

The Company

Katie Anderson, April Behnke, Matt Bonikowske, Jasmyne Brennecke, Jessica Fletcher, Bethany Heili, Nick Hildebrand, Tamara Jacquet, Liz Kelley, Brayden Kendziora, Tammi Kenton, Claire Larson, Aurora May, Stanford Mitchell, Alison Neubauer, Nick Nimmer, Jessica Patterson, Lorne Reeves, Carmen Riebel, David Ryle, Nathan Servey, Linda Trepasso, Preston Waala, Robin Zabler & Emily Zachek


Conductor: John Kelley
Clarinet: Joann Kekula, Bassoon: Jolynn Wucherer, Horn: David Greenfield, Trumpet: Paul Christensen
Violin: Erin Ribble, Cello: Stephen Wucherer, Keyboards: Wanda Eikenbary, Bass: Ray Kilanowski
Percussion: Todd Truesdale

Waupaca Community Theatre & Children's Theatre

The Waupaca Community Theatre has been presenting outstanding productions for nearly 40 years! Talented casts, full pit orchestras, a beautiful hall ... learn about our current season, past shows, and how you can play a part.

The Waupaca Community Children's Theatre is an opportunity for young actors and actresses to be "onstage" for such musical shows as Shrek, Mulan, Seussical, and Alice in Wonderland.

Waupaca Community Choir

The Waupaca Community Choir is a non-auditioned choir which welcomes singers of all ages and abilities. The choir has a 56-year tradition of presenting master choral works with orchestra to the greater Waupaca Community. The typical season begins rehearsals in January with a culminating performance in late March to early April.

Waupaca Art Show

The 2022 Waupaca Art Show will be held in April and will be the 56th annual event. It will feature art and artists from across the region and will be at a beautiful new location, the Danes Hall.